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Tree surgery, Pruning, Removal and More

Timbertops Tree Works has friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Tree Surgeons and a Qualified Arborist available for all your tree requirements, and advice on tree pruning, tree shaping, tree canopy reduction and full tree removal.

Our qualified Arborist can provide you or your company with a Tree Assessment report, advice or determination on cause of distressed or dying trees, tree pest identification and management, tree risk assessments and tree impact assessments including potential impact of trees on structures and tree safety.



Timbertops Tree Works has a wood chipper/wood mulcher to tow behind our trucks to easily mulch/chip any prunings or timber on site as required . The waste or mulch can be removed or left on site for you to recycle and use on your garden to aid in moisture retention in your soil.


Timbertops Tree Works has an Elevated Work Platform/ Tower- better known as a ‘Cherry Picker’ for pruning or removing trees in certain situations. . The highly manoeuvrable Tower means we can get it into very small yards to gain access to tree canopies for removal and pruning of deadwood, dying branches, diseased branches or a reduction of the tree canopy. The Tower and operator is available for hire.

Climbing Arborist, Tree Surgeon, Worker

Timbertops Tree Works has qualified Tree Surgeon and Tree Workers allowing flexible options for access to difficult trees.

Timber Trucks, Crane Trucks

Timbertops Tree Works has two trucks for removal of waste from site, whether it be dead wood, felled timber, mulch or prunings. The Crane truck can safely and easily crane large sections of timber or tree on to the truck and get the timber waste off site quickly and safely.

Stump Grinding

Timbertops Tree Works has a stump grinder if you prefer the stump to be below ground level for aesthetics or a complete tree removal solution. We also have a second walk in portable stump grinder for hard to access areas, such as elevated gardens, tiered gardens or very tight access.

Power line clearances

For more information on Power line clearances, visit here